The Most Expensive Helmet

HelmetMichael Schumacher has won seven times F1, it was never designed a helmet most expensive in the world with manufacturers of German helmets, Schuberth. It started to make a helmet for Schumacher who often move in the motorcycle and never crashed.
After negotiations with Schuberth, the helmet manufacturer finally agreed to make a carbon fiber helmet. Researchers at Schuberth along with Schumacher then successfully created a super light weight helmet. The helmet subsequently became one of the most expensive headwear in the world, at the price of £ 6,500. The prototype is then the basis for making SR1 as a new helmet that will be marketed in bulk.
So, a few things that cause this helmet expensive among others: the material is carbon fiber, security, aerodynamic design, cooling systems in good, and designed with the help of 7 times F1 champion, Michael Shumacher.

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